Original LooLoos | September 1982

Improving Artwork for Tech companys

SINCE 2007

Need is the mother of all inventions

Engineering Art


CAD Drafting

CAD 3D modeling


Technical Illustration

Project Power Supply and more

3D model

Solidworks, Maya, AutoCAD



Product design

purchasing real parts

Power Supplyreal parts

Technical Illustration


AutoCAD, Solidworks

Photoshop, Illustrator

Product Concept

Managingv Data files

windows, Linux

Microsoft Office suite

trademark artwork by Juan Calderon

3D modeling for Aerospace

Solidworks, Keyshot


Interactive 3D model

Use mouse to rotate


Growing like a Tree

Every branch spawns one of my hidden skills. I water it and nurture it till It has a life of its own. Vigilant and constantly  giving attention to my gift. I learned a while back that I should experiment and pursue my innate talents and then expand into similar fields to expand my knowledge.v

Meeting new Professionals and learning from them. Always adapting and focusing on a goal. My brain are like the leaf on a tree gathering light from different areas of life.


Clustering ideas from different sources

  1. Find a need.
  2. Sketch concept, thumbnails, wacom tablet
  3. CAD drafting 2D for documentation. Create a Bill of Material (BOM) list
  4. 3D model using different softwares, Solidowrks, MAYA, Blender 3D
  5.  When necessary create Linear 3D animation of product to help visualize function.
  6. Rendering Photorealism of models using Keyshot
  7. Updating webpage using dreamweaver, MUSE, edge Animate.